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ICT infrastructure management

Our company is the exclusive representative of Infosim on the territory of Poland.

Infosim has created StableNet - third generation monitoring software.

StableNet is a 3-in-1 solution - it supports the following areas:
1. Performance management
2. Fault management
3. Configuration management

StableNet automates the IT management process:

1. WAN / LAN / Servers / Applications / Triple Play / VoIP / IPT / mobile technologies / IT services
2. Automatic mapping of services and elements / root-cause analysis / inventory / auto-department detection / cooperation with CMDB or SID.
3. Effortless infrastructure management and monitoring provides tools, the best tools integrated on one platform, which quickly locate and fix errors, prevent failures and supervise network changes in the network and automatic. Important categories for evaluating the solution are implementation time, ease of use and product development.

Thus, an IT system must meet both business and technical goals.

Business goals:

1. Lowering the cost of servicing infrastructure elements by automating the detection of unwanted events and shortening the response time to errors
2. Optimization of investment costs in IT infrastructure - by supporting the analysis of efficiency and utilization of the current infrastructure
3. Lowering costs related to the temporary lack of access to business services or degradation of their quality (the so-called business impact)
4. Quality control of provided services - SLA
5. Reporting

Technical goals:

1. Monitoring and management of individual devices, applications and services
2. Automatic network performance monitoring; error detection
3. Visualization of the network status in layer 2 and 3 to determine the causes and effects of failures or changes

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Producer website

Producer presentations

Infosim StableNet Telco Solution Overview for NW ICT and IoT Service Assurance
Infosim and intel show internet of things network management
Third generation OSS: StableNet

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Case study

Nucleus Connect
European Telecommunications Provider distinction
Reference of Swiss telco operator, Sunrise

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Mobile environment management

In response to the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices and an increasing amount of data (often very valuable or secret ) found on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets), the company Omex offers the implementation of remote and central management of mobile devices using the FAMOC system.

The service includes:

1. Conducting customer environment analysis
2. License delivery
3. System rollout
4. Training

The system can operate either on the client's infrastructure or in the "Cloud" model . FAMOC is a leading system for smartphones and tablets based on various operating systems (including Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian S60, Microsoft Windows Phone 7) remote life cycle management.

System provides:

1. Inventory of mobile resources
2. Remote installation and update of the application
3. Centrally controlled device configuration
4. Periodical data backup
5. Data security management (device lock, data deletion)
6. Take remote control of the device to remove problems

The FAMOC system is appreciated and recommended by foreign analytical companies such as Gartner, Forrester Research or Frost & Sullivan. In one of Gartner's recent "Critical Capabilities for Mobile Device Management" reports, the system was recognized as the best solution for managing mobile devices and applications on tablets and phones in the world.

Find out more about the product:

Producers site


Matrix of FAMOC functions

SAP Resources Implementation and Sourcing

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in SAP products. The vast majority are seniors who have repeatedly gone through entire design cycles. This means that they took part in the implementation of the entire project, not just individual modules. The experience gained in many branches of the economy allows us to propose the best solutions for a given industry. In addition, we have knowledge about how to integrate SAP with other IT tools.

Omex offers:

1. Full scope of SAP implementation and support at work at every stage of the cycle
2. Consulting services for the proposed solution
3. Audit of existing installations
4. Projects carried out according to the best methodologies such as PMI, IPMA, Prince 2
5. Development of individual functional areas of the SAP system at every level
6. SAP integration with other systems
7. Attractive rates and flexible forms of cooperation with IT tools

Reference project:

Roll-out SAP conducted for company

The works started in July 2011 and lasted until December 2013. Our team took part in all stages of the project, from concept development (the so-called Blueprint) to post-implementation stabilization of the system. The roll-out covered the FI / CO, SD / MM and HR modules and was carried out in Central and Eastern Europe. For our work, our company received a reference letter confirming our qualifications.

With its entrepreneurial spirit and energy, motivation. SAP skills and long term business sense Omex could be a key partner in SAP implementation and roll-out projects.
Peter Foller, Atos GBU CEE

Pokaż list referencyjny

Wdrożenie SAP przeprowadzone dla firmy

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Maybe you are interested in monitoring of your SAP installation?

Read about monitoring of SAP installation

Audit (security and licensing) and SAP environment monitoring system

SAST System - about product

1. SAST is one integrated solution certified by SAP - one source of information about the security of the SAP system.
2. Inside the product there is the know-how and knowledge of the manufacturer, eg 4000 risks, ready SOD matrix, etc. This is the real value of the software for the customer accumulated by the manufacturer for many years. 3. The implementation time is much shorter compared to other products. No time is wasted on defining risks, the SOD matrix and how to implement and combine separate products to achieve the same end result. 4. Installation is very fast and simple - via SAP transport.
5. The product is open. You can add your own risk, comments, countermeasures, etc. In a short time the system becomes a customized solution.
6. Since the product is one environment, implementation is fast, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very beneficial.

Presentation of SAST system

Producers website

Mobile applications development

We develop mobile applications for Android devices.

Process consists of:
1. Analissys of requirements
2. Design
3. Coding
4. Testing
5. Maintenance

Cooperating with local partners, we specialize in applications that use NFC technologies and device localization capabilities. We provide services in design of companys mobile architecture. By supporting competences in management of mobile infrastructure and its security we are able to meet the highest standards in the field of protection of your data, that our solutions use.

We also cover programming and printing of NFC tags (paper and plastic cards).

Java • Web Services • .Net

Programming languages:
XML • Java • C++ • SQL

Application servers:
Apache • Tomcat • Jboss

Data beses:
Postgres SQL • MySQL • Oracle

Web technologies:
HTML,CSS • JavaScript • Ajax • JSP, Servlets

Hibernate • JSF • Struts • Spring

Mobile technologies:
Java ME • Apple iPhone • Google Android

Sample application:


The system allows you to manage the work of security personnel whose task is to arrive at a specific place at a specific time and confirm the implementation of the task. At control points, there are beacons or NFC tags that are registered by the mobile application, after the employee has reached the place of contactless technology operation. It can be used in all types of activities where it is necessary to confirm the presence of an employee in the right place at a specific time, e.g. construction site, cleaning services, security patrols, technical services, etc.

Presentation of avalible OSP functions

Application monitoring and RUM (Real User Monitoring)

Product presentations:

RUM Ekara

APM Newtest

Producers site

Implementation reference of Newtest in
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IT audits, security audits, RODO audits

We offer training and audits in the field of GDPR.

What is GDPR? (pol. RODO) - General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the EU Council No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016) for entrepreneurs and public institutions and covers such areas as:

Audit of personal data - In cooperation with a law company, we conduct IT audits and compliance procedures for the entity's way of collecting, storing and processing personal data with the GDPR. The purpose of the audit is to identify areas that do not comply with the provisions of the GDPR, both in terms of technical solutions adopted and the implemented procedures together with an assessment of the risk of GDPR compliance.

Implementation of procedures and necessary technical elements - Together with the law company we will propose and implement technical solutions and procedures in accordance with the GDPR, including the appointment of a data protection officer (DPO).

Employee training - The GDPR requires entities to conduct training in the field of personal data protection, which we will conduct in your entity in cooperation with a law company. The trainings concern the scope of procedures and adopted technical solutions.

Reference of inmpementation of GDPR in
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Tests and automation

We offer a full cycle of support for the testing process
, starting with building an environment based on Grid Tools (test data), SoapUI (building and implementing test scenarios), HP products: ALM and QTP , up to scenario preparation and automation, ending with virtualization of tested sites .
The offer is complemented by performance tests using various methodologies and tools: Performance Center, SiteScope, LoadRunner, QTP, validation of environments and new products as well as automation of business processes.

Examples of implementation:

Building the environment of DataMaker and SoapUI simulators, improvements for creating test scenarios, their storage, edition, comparison and execution of results as expected.

The test sequence includes:
1. The phase of writing scenarios that are improved by test validation tests (SOAPUI)
2. Collection and cataloging of test data incidents in test days (DataMaker).

Scenarios, on the other hand, can be managed from the Quality Center. Datamaker ™ is a full-featured data management tool to provide real and expected data to support SOA requests. Datamaker ™ is used to rapidly build rich, well-managed data related to SOA services for use in testing. The system complies with the EU Directive No. 95/46 / EC (October 24, 1995) in the field of data masking and encryption. SoapUI - is used to build and trigger test cases.

Intelligent Virtual Services

Allows you to accurately reproduce the behavior and structure of the SOA environment, troubleshoot problems such as: system unavailability, inconsistent responses based on similar inputs, and the inability to properly control data, from SOA development and testing. SOA virtualization allows you to create a stable, self-contained service layer, on which development, testing and QA can work with simple messages (virtual endpoints) without invoking or modifying live services. Seamless integration with Datamaker ™. This enables high-quality, effective testing of SOA cycles.

Data masking and encryption

Provides high-quality, consistent, secure, static masking of test data. Automated solution, preserves business rules and integrity constraints.

Automation of tests and processes

Tests - UAT, regression, unit tests, integration tests, performance tests

Processes supporting testing

Validation of environments, introduction and maintenance of test data, depersonalization of environments, etc.
1. Business and technical parameterization
2. Application monitoring systems
3. Data migration processes between systems
4. Processes carrying out massive changes in systems, eg correcting systematic errors
5. Implementation of operator activities in many functions in the organization, eg resetting passwords, granting permissions, loading the code, etc.
6. Performing any operations in the file system and system configuration
7. Performing any operations in database systems
8. Performing any operation on the user interface of any application
9. Compatibility - possible cooperation with any external tools
10. Mechanism for aggregating services into containers
11. Performing any operations in the file system and system configuration
12. Performing any operation in database systems
13. Performing any operation on the user interface of any application

nAxiom Platform

nAxiom is a low-code platform - a proprietary tool of the nAxiom company. Sp. z o.o. used to create applications and automate business processes. The work of a designer at nAxiom is based on building functionality (called business process documents, for short business documents), the purpose of which is to handle various aspects of the business process. Then these functionalities can be assigned to modules and to applications. Such architecture allows not only to define user permissions at the application, module and functional level, but also also use individual functionalities in various modules and applications. Creating a functionality involves several steps that can usually be performed in a different order. The most important of them are:
• defining the database tables in which the data processed as part of the process handling will be stored,
• defining the course of process handling (flow), that is, linking the activities performed in the process with each other and defining states of data processed in the process and transitions between these states,
• defining the user menu through which the end user will call the functionalities.

nAxiom Sp. z o.o. started its operations in 2019, drawing on the 30 years of experience of the OPTeam group from which it spun off. As a process transformation partner, it provides technology that allows you to use the potential of IT systems already in use without interfering with their source code. It focuses on a business approach to projects and the benefits that should be provided by implemented systems and applications. More information on the LLCD can be found at .