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About us

We are an independent, highly specialized company providing services in selected IT areas. We offer software for managing fixed and mobile IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Omex is a certified partner of Infosim, IBM in the Tivoli family (Watson AIOps) and FancyFon, manufacturer of the FAMOC system for mobility management. The FNT Software infrastructure and service inventory system, integrated with the StableNet monitoring and management system by Infosim, can form the basis of the telecommunications operator's OSS platform. Monitoring the quality of services, software and User Experience is ensured by the products of the ip-label company. The offer is complemented by integration and programming services related to the adaptation or development of proprietary products, such as Omex Security Patrol (OSP) and for the client's needs, especially in the field of building mobile applications.

We provide SAP system implementation services, starting from the "blue print" phase, through implementation, integration and roll-out. We specialize in FI, CO, SD, MM, CATS + HR, Travel Management modules. Our competence is the security area of the SAP system, where we provide audit services and implement the SAST system. We have knowledge about IT tools supporting SAP instances, such as scanning, document circulation (Abbyy, Saperion and Alfresco).

Testing and Automation Department, thanks to many years of experience, offers support for testing processes. The whole service consists of: construction of test environments, preparation of data for tests, preparation of scenarios and their automation as well as virtualization of tested services. At work, we use reliable Grid Tools, Hewlett Packard and SoapUI tools. The performance tests are supplemented with the use of various methodologies and tools: Performance Center, SiteScope, LoadRunner, Qucik TestPro, validation of environments and new products and automation of business processes.

Omex is made up of people associated with the IT industry for years. Experience and high qualifications guarantee efficient and professional service. We follow the principle that systematic deepening of knowledge supported by personal development and relationships with people have a major impact on success in achieving goals.

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