Omex is an exclusive Infosim partner in Poland. Our certified engineers are ready to answer all your questions regarding StableNet. If you would like to test it yourself, please request a trail license or contact us to ask for a preconfigured demo server.

What is StableNet®?

StableNet® is unified network management solution. It provides service assurance, service fulfillment, fault, performance, automated root cause analysis, network change & configuration management with open interfaces into your OSS environment.

StableNet® can be used in both, enterprise and telco environments:

Why StableNet®?

  • StableNet® is the most efficient and reliable solution.

  • StableNet® provides monitoring, management and optimization of IT systems and networks.

  • Automated IT-Management for your key areas

  • StableNet® helps to align your IT with your business goals.

  • Modular 3 in 1 integrated solution , instead of 3 or more solution to be integrated by „yourself“

  • Minimize the „Zoo of Management-Systems“ to get CAPEX and OPEX down

  • Automation and optimized solution architecture allow an rapid deployment

  • StableNet® facilitates the implementation of ITIL best practice concepts.

  • StableNet® is the key enabler for utility computing and on-demand IT concepts.

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